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How do I become a member?

This is a common question we are asked (and a great one!). Our answer is usually in the form of a question: Have you been born again? See, membership doesn’t happen because you signed a document.

What is “membership?”

We believe that when a person is brought into the spiritual family of God through rebirth by the grace through faith, and the power of the Holy Spirit, that they are instantaneously made a member of the body of Christ (the Church). Membership, then, happens at the moment of spiritual rebirth. If you are born again, you are a member of Christ’s body. The follow-up question would be, “Are you a functioning member of the local church or not?” As members of the local church, we desire to grow into our identity, not only as followers of Christ, but as members of one another,

Best Practices

Below are seven best practices. We believe that a functioning member of our church body endevoyrs to practice these things. We see these characteristics in Jesus’ followers in the New Testament, and also pledge to grow into the same.


Part of being an apprentice of Jesus is by gathering in His presence with the church on a weekly basis (Acts 20:7; Heb 10:25). Regularly taking part in our Sunday morning gatherings is an important part of the formation God’s people.


Apprenticing Jesus also means learning about what Jesus loves (John 17:3; Matt 11:29; Phil 1:9). There are many things to learn about following Jesus. Here are a handful of classes in the future that will help you get started on what we believe to be fundamental.


Part of being an apprentice of Jesus is by forming deep, spiritual relationships in the church (Acts 2:42; Acts 4:32-34; 2 Cor 13:14; 1 John 1:7). Small groups are the way we do that.


Since Jesus was the greatest at serving (Mark 10:45), part of what it means to follow Jesus is by serving others both in and out of the church (1 Pet 4:10).


Following Jesus is foremost about being with Him (Mark 3:14; John 15:4-5). One of the most powerful ways to do this is by slowing down to be with him through His Word (1 Pet 2:2) and in prayer (Dan 6:10; Psalm 119:164; Mark 6:46)


Part of being an apprentice of Jesus is learning how to be a good steward of money and by giving generously as an act of worship (2 Cor 9:7). God calls his people to this is through the practice of giving tithe, which is the first 10% of what we make (Mal 3:10; 1 Cor 16:2). 


Followers of Jesus are known by their love for one another (John 13:35), their love for their neighbor (Mark 12:33), and are commissioned to make disciples (Matt 28:16-20).