Next Steps


Are you looking for the next step to take in your relationship with God? We believe our relationship with God means taking Jesus’ invitation to become His apprentices (disciples) very seriously. An apprentice of Jesus is marked by at least three things:

1 – Knowing Him

2 – Growing in Him

3 – Showing him to other people

There are steps you can take on that pathway that’s right for you, in whatever season of your spirituality you may find yourself. We suggest starting at the beginning of this simple but powerful pathway, and eventually cultivating all them. Need help? Talk to one of us!


Part of being an apprentice of Jesus is by knowing Him alongside other people in the church. We define “knowing” as learning or becoming familiar with Jesus. One way to experience this is by regularly taking part in our Sunday morning gatherings, getting to know what Jesus says about things, connecting with people, and learning about what it means to be a part of a local church.


Part of being an apprentice of Jesus means growing in depth of character. Growing refers to the habits of our heart that form when we do something repeatedly. Some ways to participate in this are by joining one of our smaller groups, or by cultivating your personal devotion to God.



Part of being an apprentice of Jesus is by showing God’s love to the church, community, and world around you. We refer to “showing” as the ways we make Jesus known in our circles of influence, both in word, action, and character. Some ways to engage in this is by joining a ministry team, and using your time, talents, and resources to love other people.