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Invest in Classes

We want to help people on the fence into a pathway of apprenticeship to Jesus. Apprenticing Jesus means knowing Him, growing in Him, and showing Him off to others. To start this journey with Jesus, you first must be pointed in the right direction. These classes are how we do that, We suggest you start at Pathway 101 and work your way down. Happy travels!

Pathway 101

To begin your journey of apprenticing Jesus, you must start by learning about Him, experiencing Him, and growing familiar with Him, all in the context of His people.

This class, which is the first step forward to take at our church, will introduce you to our church family.

Pathway 201

Apprenticing Jesus also involves growing spritually, so that you begin to reflect the soul and character of Jesus.

This class is a general introduction to that.

Coming soon!

Pathway 301

This class will help you hone in on specific ways of growing, such as Bible reading and prayer.

Coming soon!

Pathway 401

How to engage your neighbors, and share your faith.

Coming soon!


Join a small group, and cultivate deep, spriritual relationships in the church.

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