Growing in Jesus

1. Read the Bible

Take ownership of your own spirituality. Cultivate your relationship with God, by reading the Bible and prayer!

2. Join a group

During the week, we gather into smaller groups where we experience transformation in community. This part of the pathway is vital for the depth of character and relationship that Jesus promises his followers. We invite you to look through our available groups below and join one!


Our nine-week course is meant to deepen your relationship with God.


Our home group seasons are ways of belonging at the church.


Do you regularly attend Sunday morning worship gatherings and are a part of one of the above groups? If so, now is the time to start asking God how he wants you to contribute to His mission here. Jesus’ apprentices didn’t just spend time knowing Jesus, and growing in Jesus, but they were eventually commissioned by Jesus to show His love to others, and make more apprentices that would love and follow Him.