Father God, Maker of Heaven and Earth, You are a God of sacrificial generosity and superabundant goodness.

There is nothing we have that You have not given. There is nothing we need that You don’t have.

Freely we receive, freely we give.

You have created us in Your image, for Your glory.

We are your blessable, image-bearing covenant partners, through whom You seek to create communities of grace, healing, generosity, and peace.

Therefore, we have chosen not to spend everything on ourselves; We renounce the lies of materialism and scarcity.

We put the full weight of our trust in You.

Freely we receive, freely we give.

Today, we choose generosity again; Receive our gifts as acts of gratitude and worship; Push back the darkness and further your Kingdom in our city, in our world, and in our own hearts.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Please make checks payable to Reality Santa Barbara and mail to :

PO Box 6547 Santa Barbara, CA 93160


Simply setup a new bill payee to this address: PO Box 6547 Santa Barbara, CA 93160, including recurring payments. Here are links to 3 major banks to help you setup bill pay: ChaseBank of AmericaWells Fargo. If your bank is not listed, go to your bank’s website and search “bill pay” to learn how to set it up.


With a debit or credit card, you can give a one time or recurring gift.

Available as of January 10.

Giving reports are sent digitally. Please fill out this form to ensure we have your contact information. 


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